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i thought you were cute. - i was born (a unicorn)
January 10th, 2006
07:28 pm


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i thought you were cute.
v is for seagull: are you ready to vomit?
Zer0WthACapitalZ: sure. lets see.
v is for seagull: (picture link)
v is for seagull: i think i should save this picture on my computer to look at when even my self esteem goes down.
Zer0WthACapitalZ: OH GOD!!!
v is for seagull: it's so bad!
v is for seagull: it's retard love.
Zer0WthACapitalZ: i didn't believe you that it would make me throw up, but i mos def just threw up in my mouth a little.
Zer0WthACapitalZ: okay, a lot.
Zer0WthACapitalZ: it issss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zer0WthACapitalZ: shes got a quadruple chin and he is planet of the apes.
Zer0WthACapitalZ: the whole planet.
Zer0WthACapitalZ: ________ loves zach braff too!!! oh, poo. well, at least i got to make out with him and she only got to make out with planet of the apes.
Zer0WthACapitalZ: speaking of planet of the apes, he is suffering from the delusion that he is a bandit, and not just a money face.
Zer0WthACapitalZ: or monkey face, which was what i was going for.

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