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LJ Interests meme results boots: like my indian boots. everyone… - i was born (a unicorn)
December 16th, 2005
08:27 pm


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LJ Interests meme results

  1. boots:
    like my indian boots. everyone says i look like pocahantas. and boys do not like them.
  2. coney island:
    mermaid parade. astro land. the ferris wheel. keyspan park. jack white.
  3. elliott smith:
    better than bright eyes.
  4. graffiti:
    i've never tagged, but i took pictures. "it's like.....a graffitti museum!" yeah, too bad the old mall was torn down.
  5. looking indie:
    i dress weird. i don't think i match. a lot.
  6. musicals:
    i like pretending i can sing when i listen to them. i put the music on really loud and dance around my room. i memorize stage directions.
  7. playing piano badly:
    my boyfriend plays really well. i taught myself. i hardly play.
  8. sending packages:
    better than recieving. the gift of giving. makes me feel closer to the recipiant....and the postal workers.
  9. teen vogue:
    makes me feel poor. i am poor, but i don't need ugly 14 year old to remind me of that.
  10. vinyl:
    better than digital.

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